About Us

At Incendiat, we know everyone has a story to tell. We think sharing diverse experiences with each other makes us kinder, braver, and more connected. We set our ideas alight, then watch them illuminate the world.

Our People and Partners

Jolea Aguillon
JoJo Aguillon
Creative / Podcast Host
Amanda Belyeu
Amanda Belyeu
Rosalyn Helps
Rosalyn Helps
Tausif Muzaffar
Dr. Tausif Muzaffar
Narrative Consultant
Jordan Richardson
Dr. Jordan Richardson
AI / Software Engineer
Marc Silverstein
Dr. Marc Silverstein
Pedagogy / Accessibility Consultant
Tiffany Smith
Tiffany Smith
Creative Director
Angela Stewart
Angela Stewart
AI Engineer
Creative / Podcast Host

Mira Bergevin

Support Lead

Karen Fairchild

Subject Consultant, LCSW

Dr. Nola Smith

Editorial Consultant

Monica Steeves

Editorial, Childhood & Adolescent Educator

Frank Werner

Testing Lead

William Taysom

Development / Testing

Samantha McCormick

Content Contributor